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Image is from the What the Hay Gallery. What the
is a central Montana hay art contest stretching over 21 miles in Judith Basin County. It features around 50 or more creative hay bale sculptures in fields between the towns of Hobson and Windham.  What the Hay information.
Haw Creek Galleries


I’ve managed to do a post a day for a month now, despite losing power for over a day in the middle of June. I plan to continue for the foreseeable future.

While I don’t plan to do it every month, for this first month’s completion I’ve included links to all of the posts and listed all of those I received comments from up to the  point of publishing this post.  Thanks, everyone!

The person who made the most comments is Melanie with 15.  Melanie is our daughter and has her own blog, From Scratch.

Again, this effort of trying to post every day is to make this a habit, something that I do without procrastinating.  After all, I like blogging, so why not?




day 31

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