About Exit78

The blog

This blog — and website — is intended to be a vehicle for self-publishing material related to things I’m interested. I generally post several times a week. Some of the topics I will (may) be posting include:

  • my photography
  • interesting images from the past
  • blogging and related topics
  • travel
  • camping
  • climate change
  • internet income (I’ve de-emphasized this considerably)*
  • internet ethics (spam, comment spam, splogs, phishing, etc.)
  • on occasion, topics from outside my comfort zone
  • and other topics as they occur to me

The name for this blog and web site comes from Interstate 40 exit 78 in Arkansas. For most of my time at my last job, I crossed the exit 78 overpass on my way to and from work. With no entrance or exit ramps on the east side of the exit, I used an access road rather than the interstate.

In the last few years, there has been quite a bit of road construction in the state including a reconstruction of exit 78 with a new overpass and entrance and exit ramps in both directions. The construction also resulted in a new spectacular view of the lake at the highest point of the exit. In the weeks prior to the creation of this web log, I had been trying to come up with an original name for it. I wanted a simple name that would be easy to remember. I didn’t want it to be something that was too corny or that would immediately place it in a category that isn’t intended.


*I’ve de-emphasized discussions of internet income on this blog. In my view there is way too much information – or disinformation — on this on the internet and I have little to add, so I won’t often include anything on this other than occasionally mentioning my own modest efforts..


I like to put stuff together on the web — blogs, photographs, public domain material that’s already online, just somewhat hard to get to, and more.

I don’t generally write about myself — because this blog isn’t about me; it’s about things I observe and things I enjoy and things that I enjoy sharing with others. If I’m going to be a serious blogger, though, it probably wouldn’t hurt if my readers were able to learn a little bit about me — if they so desire.

  • retired after nearly 35 years in nuclear power, 27 years as an instructor.
  • after retiring worked as contractor about 1/3 of the time after retirement as an instructor from 2007 to 2018.
  • bachelor of science degree in industrial technology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and an associates degree from Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, Arkansas.
  • licensed reactor operator – 1982 to 1984.
  • senior reactor operator – 1984 to 2007 (an instructor with an operating license).
  • US Navy December 1971 to September 1980.
  • have lived in Nebraska, Texas, California, Illinois, Idaho, Connecticut, and Arkansas.
  • married since June, 1972.
  • two daughters, two grandchildren, several siblings, lots of in-laws, father still living.
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