Elvis Presley’s 1967 Ford Ranchero

elvis presley's el camino at museum of automobiles on petit jean mountain

In January 1967, Elvis Presley and his fiance, Pricilla Beaulieu, took a road trip on the back roads near his home town of Tupelo, Mississippi.  Discovering a small ranch for sale that they both fell in love with, within a week, it was his.  On Valentines Day, 1967, he bought this 1967 Ford Ranchero — a “Cowboy’s Cadillac” — to roam his new property. Elvis and Priscilla were married on May 1, 1967.  After about a year of ranching, his movie career took presidence over his ranch and it was sold.  The Ranchero was later traded for a new Cadillac.

The Ranchero is now in the Museum of Automobiles, located just east of the main part of Arkansas’ Petit Jean State Park. The museum includes a permanent collection of 30 automobiles donated by supporters from Arkansas and surrounding states.

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