Posting is going to become more difficult.

nuclear_plant_simulatorThere is quite a bit more certainty in my immediate future than there was a few days ago.

The way things are looking right now, there is a very good probability that I will be working next week, based on a few phone calls with the supervisor of the group I’d be working with and with the contracting company I’ll be working through.

The work that I’ll be providing will be very similar to what I did on the last contract, which means a lot of time in the classroom and a lot of time in the simulator.

The accompanying picture is from just before I retired.  I used a art media brush stroke filter to render it to look like a painting.

In a way, it’s ironic to be going back.  I’ve been very much involved in every initial license class since 1992, including the one that was conducted after I retired.  This will be the second, assuming there is no last minute glitch.

Since work will now be a part of my routine for a while, I will have to be making some adjustments.

I hope to be able to post here on a regular basis.  I really want to maintain and improve this habit of posting, commenting and replying to comments.

While I am interested in taking this contract, I don’t need to work, fortunately.  This will help us finance some projects and fend off having to withdraw money from our savings to augment my pension.

day 15

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