Exit78 Pinterest Policy

pinterest_friendlyPermission is not required to pin images from this blog, with the following stipulations:

  • Pinning is allowed on most individual posts.  Pinning is blocked on just about everything else, including a few selected posts.
  • Pinning images of us, our children, or grandchildren is not allowed.
  • If pinning images of a tutorial or project, please only pin images of the finished project.
  • The only online usage allowed by this policy is pinning images on Pinterest. Any other use of images from this blog without permission constitutes copyright infringement, except as allowed under U.S. copyright law.
  • Proper attribution is required by including a link back to this blog, preferably to the blog post the image or images came from.
  • Alteration of images from this blog is not allowed. Any altered image is a derivative work under copyright law and, if done without permission, constitutes copyright infringement.
  • Share only the post title or a summary statement about the post.  Pinterest is NOT for reblogging content. Extensive use of other content from this blog or from any single blog post on a pinboard is not allowed without permission. A description is fine as is a limited quote. Except for limited quotes, don’t cut and paste the words from the blog; use your own words.
  • Use of images on this blog that are from some other source should include the proper attribution. For instance, I may use images from Flickr that are licensed under creative commons limitations. Each of these are linked back to the Flickr page for the image and a link is also included to the license and another to the artist’s Flickr “photostream.”
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