update: everything LOOKS a lot better!

We were getting ready to start setting up the camper for sleeping in it tonight.

While I moved our smaller generator so it wouldn’t be running right outside the motorhome, Karen went in the house for something.

As soon as she went in, she noticed that something “didn’t look right.”  Then she realized the dining area light was on and wondered how I had managed to get power from the generator to that ceiling light.  It didn’t take her much longer to realize that we had power back.

Everything looks better now since we can have our normal number of lights on.  We don’t generally have that many on, but we only had a couple on while we were using the generator.  It wasn’t a power concern — I was just limiting the hassle of running more power cords.

Power has been back on for a little over an hour.  With as much damage as we saw around the area, it wouldn’t surprise me if we lost power again, temporarily, so we’ve left the tangle of power cords running through the house.  That way, if we do lose power the cords will already be laid out to the essential things, like the refrigerator — and our computers, the modem and the wireless router.

We still don’t have water. 🙁

Hopefully, we will have water pressure by the time we get done with working on cleaning things up tomorrow.  If not, we’ll probably stop by 3 so we can run into town to use the showers at the gym.

Unfortunately, the water tank in the camper is almost empty. 🙁

We won’t make that mistake again.

day 9

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