About On Climate

The On Climate blog is was intended to be a periodic, objective presentation of information related to climate change as well as periodic commentary.

Over time, it will also accumulate a collection of links to papers, web sites and other reference  relating to climate change and climate issues.

For many people, anthropogenic global warming is a matter of faith.  It’s something, though, that I cannot take as true simply on faith or because there is an overwhelming consensus.

Science is not done by consensus.  Science is done by individual and team research and discovery.  Science is done by sharing of information so that others can substantiate or falsify one’s results.

There is no empirical evidence that increasing levels of carbon dioxide leads to major warming.

There is no proof, only simulations that claim to show major warming — simulations which demonstrate simulated evidence.

Evidence of warming during a period of rising concentrations of CO2 is not evidence of warming caused by carbon dioxide.

I am not a scientist. My background is nuclear operations, where we had to be able examine, evaluate, and apply a wide variety of information from varying sources.

Sloppy science begets errors.

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