Account suspended but back again in under an hour

My sites are all back, in case anyone noticed the following message:suspened account

This is the second time that the account has been suspended.

Apparently, something in the database gets corrupted and then there is a bit of extra traffic and my account uses up more than it’s share of the server availability.

This is the only problem that I’ve had with Bluehost in recent months. Both times the technical service folks were very helpful. This time, one of the techs suggested a couple of WordPress plugins that would 1) help reduce the loading if, by some odd chance I got a surge of traffic, and 2) keep some of the spambots from even getting to the page.

I’m not going to implement them tonight and I do have more than just this blog to install them on. I’ll post more about the plugins on Exit78 after I’ve looked at them and installed them.

day 18

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