Art on Sunday #9

"Memories" -- sculpture by Ken Payne. bronze sculpture of a Cowboy and Young Boy on a Horse, outside of Mountain Trails Galleries on corner of Center and Deloney in Jackson, Wyoming

Memories; sculpture by Ken Payne.
Bronze of a Cowboy and Young Boy on a Horse,
outside of Mountain Trails Galleries
on corner of Center and Deloney in Jackson, Wyoming
July 16, 2010

Vic Payne (bio) has bee sculpting for over 35 years


Study – Edition of 100, Approx. 28.5″H x 26″L x 14″D, Created 2005
Monument – Edition of 7, Approx. 13’H x 12’L x 7.5’D, Created 2005

“Where have all the years gone? It seems like yesterday that I was running with my granddad at the ranch. We did every thing together. The mornings started off at five thirty breakfast prepared lovingly by my grandmother. She was the kindest of ladies of the old west and had been married to my grandfather for over sixty years. She had married him when she was fifteen and had followed him and stayed by him through all troublesome seasons.

Texas was young then and granddad had always made his living looking down the back of a horse. His father told him of his long rides up the Chisholm Trail in 1881 and his brief stay with the Texas rangers. Our family was full of western history and it was being hand down from generation to generation. The stories were vague in his mind as he reminisced of the stories that his dad had told him and now he handed them down to me

Hunting season was a special time for our family as uncles and cousins filed in from all over the country. It wasn’t just killing a deer but to build memories that would make our family stronger. The hunt was great even when we came back empty handed. Funny how my granddad’s cowpony Old Blue, could always spot deer before any one else.”  (Vic Payne Studio)

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  • Hilary Jan 11, 2016

    Hi Mike – wonderful sculpture – such talent. The driftwood drew me in – but the horse and riders too .. and swish of the the horsetail ..

    Cheers Hilary
    Hilary recently posted…West Country Tour … Hartland Point … part 11 …My Profile

    • Mike Jan 11, 2016

      Jackson, Wyoming, has evolved over the years that I’ve visited from a popular little mountain town to a crowded and expensive tourist Mecca and home to quite a few wealthy folks. There’s quite a lot of interesting and expensive art for sale at the various galleries.
      Mike recently posted…Desolate DriveMy Profile

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