Antelope Flats

Teton Range viewed across Antelope Flats Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, October 19, 2010

Teton Range viewed across Antelope Flats
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming,
October 19, 2010

The Teton Range is a mountain range of the Rocky Mountains in North America.

A north-south range, it is mostly on Wyoming’s eastern side of the Idaho state line. It is south from Yellowstone National Park. Most of the east slope of the range is in Grand Teton National Park.

Early French Voyageurs used the name les trois tétons (the three breasts).It is likely that the Shoshone people once called the whole range Teewinot, meaning “many pinnacles

The principal summits of the central massif, sometimes referred to as the Cathedral Group, are Grand Teton 13,770 feet (4,200 m), Mount Owen 12,928 feet (3,940 m), Teewinot 12,325 feet (3,757 m), Middle Teton 12,804 feet (3,903 m) and South Teton 12,514 feet (3,814 m). Other peaks in the range include Mount Moran 12,605 feet (3,842 m), Mount Wister 11,490 feet (3,500 m), Buck Mountain 11,938 feet (3,639 m) and Static Peak 11,303 feet (3,445 m). (Wikipedia)

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  • Hilary Jan 10, 2016

    Hi Mike – the area must be beautiful … so much land in the States – and the heights … ours are paltry in size (Ben Nevis 4,409 feet), yet so is the land. We also have some very ‘funny’ names for our towns and streets … cheers Hilary
    Hilary recently posted…West Country Tour … Hartland Point … part 11 …My Profile

    • Mike Jan 10, 2016

      It is very beautiful country. While the heights seem very high — and they are, the valley floor is over a mile above see level.
      Mike recently posted…MemoriesMy Profile

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