The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park — haunted?

The Stanley Hotel has long been a landmark in Estes Park, Colorado.  The hotel is a 138 room Georgian style structure which opened on July 4, 1909.  Many believe the hotel to be haunted.  Kitchen workers say they have heard a party going on in the adjacent ballroom - when it is empty and not in use.  Sometimes people in the lobby can hear someone playing the ballroom piano, but, when employees check, there's no one there.  Stephen Kings' third novel was the shining and was inspired on a weekend stay just before the hotel closed for an extended period.  King and his family lived in Loveland at the time and the stay was a get-away-from-the-kids weekend trip.  The Kings stayed in room 217 and, apparently, King found himself filled with dread" on a number of occasions.  We stayed at the hotel i September 2001 and didn't notice anything unusual.  This year, while drving near the hotel, I noticed the really great contrast of the bright white hotel against the dark sky, which made it a little bit eerie, given the "history."  I was able to get a few good shots, both outside and inside the hotel.  So, here's one photo where some think I may have captured a little something extra in the image.  What do you think?  Do you see anything unusual in the picture?
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image and information from September 5, 2009

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