Bitter cold wind! – and other stuff

Karen and I took a drive up to Branson yesterday. Ostensibly, the trip was to a quilt shop there so that she could pick up some “tans” for a log cabin quilt she is working on and to get some photos along the way.

After the March heat wave, we’ve dipped into an April big chill. There was snow on the trees and grass in the Ozarks along Arkansas 7 from about 20 miles north of Russellville nearly all the way up to where the highway drops off the mountain into Jasper.

Some outfit is still in the old Dogpatch USA theme park site, cleaning up and shoring up some of the old buildings. It doesn’t look quite so abandoned as it used to, but they don’t seem to be making a whole lot of headway. They do have Trespassers will be prosecuted signs.

When we stopped at the quilt shop, the clouds had started spitting out a little bit of snow flurries. It continued to do that off and on the rest of the day, until we were just about home.

After the quilt store, we drove the rest of the way west on 76, the main drag in Branson – didn’t stop anywhere there. We did stop and walk around Branson Landing, the new outdoor mall near downtown along Lake Tannycomo. We enjoyed getting out and walking even though there was a very bitter cold wind. I found a fishing vest at Bass Pro Shop that will work very well for a photo vest when we go on hikes.

I often wake up in the middle of the night and take the opportunity to do some work on the computer and then go back to bed. It’s easier to do that now that I don’t have any particular time most days that I have to get out of bed. Most days, though, I’m out of bed well before 8 in the morning, but after I would have had to be at work, if I were still working.

Today, my middle of the night wakeup was a little later than normal. It’s time to go back in and see if I can get a couple hours more sleep.

Don’t work too hard, y’all! (I hear 2008 is going to be a tough one)

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