Remote and (not often) connected.


Before we left on this trip, we knew that we would not be as connected with the world as we normally are.  I for one don’t plan to fuss with trying to get online.  If it happens that I can get online, I’ll check email, Facebook, etc.  If not, that’s okay, too.

I’m actually looking forward to being away from being connected.  While we don’t watch much TV at home, we don’t watch any TV when we’re in the camper, even though we have a small flat screen set.  We’ve got some old DVDs that we might watch, but, again, maybe not.  We’ve actually talked about taking the TV out.  The space is a perfect place for a small RV spice rack, according to Karen.

We have Kindles loaded up with several books, though, with only three that I haven’t read, I probably don’t have enough.  I’ll also be working with my photos and Karen will be piecing a top for a new quilt.

We will prepare blog posts as we go and post them as we can some time later, I think.  On other trips, I’ve tried posting as the trip progresses, but that never lasted the whole trip.  I hope this way will be more successful.

Do you ever get away from modern communications and/or social media? If so, how and/or where?

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  • Alan G Aug 13, 2014

    Well it certainly looks peaceful and quiet there. As to your question, don’t suppose I ever get out of shouting distance from modern communications myself. Were I out and about like you however I don’t think giving up that television would hurt at all. 🙂
    Alan G recently posted…In Remembrance of Robin WilliamsMy Profile

    • Mike Aug 20, 2014

      We had enough of a cell signal at various places to tease and frustrate us. I finally had to shut my phone off. Haven’t seen a TV in over a week except the one hanging dead on the wall of the camper — I pulled the DC plug on it to get rid of the distracting white light that stayed on at night.
      Mike recently posted…Wild AssesMy Profile

  • Rummuser Aug 13, 2014

    I do but not as often as I would like to do. In fact, I am about to go off for a longish weekend tomorrow to the same place where I go three or four times a year. A rustic farm house on the bank of a mighty river about 130 kms from where I live. There is a satellite TV connection there but I rarely watch anything on TV and I too spend most of the time reading my kindle. Luckily, with 3G telephony, I can stay connected with home on my phone and that is good enough for me. Other than this one indulgence, I am never too far away from being connected.
    Rummuser recently posted…Why Do You Blog?My Profile

    • Mike Aug 20, 2014

      We were away so long that I ran out of stuff to read on my kindle. It’s a new one and I hadn’t loaded enough books on it! Were back in civilization for tonight and loading up the kindle is one of my tasks for tonight.
      Mike recently posted…Wild AssesMy Profile

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