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  • Hilary Aug 29, 2015

    Hi Mike – they are an amazing size … I remember ‘yonks ago!’ going on a tour of an American ? (I’ve no idea what type it was!) when I was in Rhodes … just awe inspiring.

    I’ve been to the HMS Belfast anchored in the Thames and used for various purposes – it says it’s a cruiser built in 1938/9 … and has 7 decks … I know things have changed 80 years later!

    My uncle spent time in the War in San Diego … and talked about his time there … not a lot and sadly not sufficient for me to have much info .. just some snippets. I’d been to San Diego and I think that’s what brought the subject up … I’d seen the navy in the harbour – and how much they dwarfed all around them.

    Cheers Hilary
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    • Mike Aug 29, 2015

      Yorktown is the first aircraft carrier I’ve set foot on. In my almost 9 years in the US Navy, I was only in or on four active duty naval ships — and none of them were in the United States. The boat I was on was stationed out of Holy Loch, Scotland and had two crews, blue and gold. I was on the blue crew. We swapped control of the boat in Scotland and the crew that was off flew back to the states.

      Two of the other ships were submarine tenders that were moored in Scotland. Sometime during my three years on the boat, they swapped out at Holy Loch.

      The fourth vessel was the HMS Osiris, a diesel powered sub that was in port when our ship visited HM Naval Base Clyde at Faslane, Scotland in about 1976.

      Retired vessels that we’ve visited, besides the Yorktown, include 2 submarines and a battleship.
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