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The only way I used one of these was the hunt-and-peck method.

That’s pretty much the way I use my laptop these days, except I’m a lot faster at it than I was back then.

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  • Cheerful Monk Jan 24, 2015

    I actually took a typing class in high school. It wasn’t my first choice, but it sure has come in handy.
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    • Mike Jan 24, 2015

      I wish I had, even though few guys took typing back then. I’ve tried typing software several times and there has been some benefit. I’m not totally hunt-and-peck any more, but I have to look at the keyboard most of the time as I type. Karen, on the other hand, laughs at my typing skills. She took typing in high school and then, again, years later in business school and is quite proficient. She thinks that it’s funny how fast I do type given my total lack of technique.
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  • Rummuser Jan 24, 2015

    With ambitions of becoming a journalist I had attended classes and got two diplomas in shorthand dictation taking and typewriting. I ended up being a stenographer before lady luck made me a salesman. The knowledge however helped me in deciphering my own dictation to my secretaries when they floundered to read their own notes taking! I still touch type and am very fast at it too.
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    • Mike Jan 24, 2015

      Not as much demand for stenographers these days as there once was, I wouldn’t think. Still, it would be a useful skill for meetings that require some kind of written record. Typing, though, is a skill that has much wider applications than I would have ever thought when I was still in school.
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  • Grannymar Jan 25, 2015

    We had an old Bar Lock Typewriter in our attic for many years. In the seventies I decided to have a go on it, being one of the hunt-and-peck variety, the fact the old keys were stubborn or stuck did not deter me. I removed the cover and took the whole machine apart and cleaned every little piece before putting it back together once more. It worked! I used it for several years until the one and only ribbon ran dry!
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    • Mike Jan 25, 2015

      Back in the 80s, well before we got our first computer, we bought an electric typewriter. Karen used it to bring in a little income by typing papers for students at the local university and reports for a company compiling information on who owned local mineral rights in the local area. (In the United States, rights to minerals below ground are usually owned by whoever owns the surface property, but the rights can be sold separately. For instance, we own the rights for 2 1/2 acres of our land, but on the other adjacent acre we own, the previous owner retained the mineral rights.)
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