Netflix workout plan.

One of the membership benefits at our gym is free Wi-Fi.  I’ve been using it for several months to watch old TV series from Netflix on my cell phone while exercising.  It certainly helps pass the time. I was watching one episode while exercising on one of the stationary bikes, stair-climbers, or elliptical machines. After that I would head out on a fast walk on the indoor track.


A couple of weeks ago, I started watching movies.  Since it’s a little hard to walk on the track and watch video on the cell phone, I’ve been watching about an hour on one type of fitness machine.  Then I finish the movie on a different type of machine, usually one of the bikes.

I’ve been going to the gym on a very regular basis for over a year now.  When using the machines, I have them set at a high level of difficulty.  When I was at my highest level of fitness over the years, my tee-shirt would be soaked by the end of the workout.  I’m not to that point, yet, this time, but I’m getting closer.

I’ve always had good intentions to continue working out after starting on a new contract job. I’ve not been successful.

This time, I’m going to do better.

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  • Cheerful Monk Jan 16, 2015

    I don’t exercise as strenuously as you do, but I do it every day, mostly in front of Netflix. I love it!
    Cheerful Monk recently posted…VegemiteMy Profile

    • Mike Jan 16, 2015

      Exercising certainly make a difference in how I feel. It’s amazing, though, how many people who exercise regularly actually hate it.
      Mike recently posted…Tired.My Profile

  • Rummuser Jan 17, 2015

    Multitasking! When I exercise, which is mostly yogabhyas, I focus on the exercise and nothing else. I exercise every day for thirty to forty minutes, depending on when the milk is delivered!
    Rummuser recently posted…Chai, Garam Chai.My Profile

    • Mike Jan 17, 2015

      That’s far more than most, I fear, at least here in the US, which is part of the reason for the obesity crisis.

      I think, at least for the near term, I’ll be going to the gym after work. Going before work, like I used to do, would mean getting up far too early in the morning.
      Mike recently posted…Tired.My Profile

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