Missing note book

I’ve been using an old hardback journal for jotting down blogging ideas.  It’s not very big, but it’s too big to carry around all of the time.

Recently, I’ve had some really good blogging ideas, but, by the time I get to the computer where I keep my idea journal, I’ve forgotten what the heck it was that I wanted jot down for many of them.  Sometime I’m able to dredge up a memory and get it written down, but, more often than not, it’s lost.

Then a few days ago, I thought of a solution.  I know that I could “jot” it down as a note on my iPhone, but I’ve not yet used the phone as an overpowered PDA.  Even when I had a PDA, I really didn’t utilize it well.  However, I’ve been using a little spiral bound note book for jotting down lists and reminders before trips to the home improvement store.  Now that would be a great place to jot down ideas that I could later transfer to the blog idea journal – except I didn’t remember where it was.

I really didn’t look for it.  It was still just an idea – and I knew it would show up at some point.

Yesterday, I came home and there it was.

It had apparently been in a pocket of a pair of shorts I had worn on a warm day last week.  The shorts got thrown into the wash, made it through the washing machine, and this is what Karen found in the dryer.

It looked like that was almost all of the note book, but we didn’t want to chance a dryer fire.  With the help of YouTube videos, I took off the front of the dryer and a cover plate on the suction to the dryer exhaust to remove anything that gotten past the lint screen.  Fortunately, there was very little, but it was better to be sure.

As far as I know, there was nothing important jotted down in the notebook.

I think…. but I could have forgotten.

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  • Hilary Melton-Butcher Nov 12, 2017

    Oh – how easily it can happen … another idea is using SIRI or equivalent … talking into your email and sending to yourself … cheers – sorry about the lost notebook – Hilary
    Hilary Melton-Butcher recently posted…Remembrance Day …My Profile

    • Mike Nov 12, 2017

      Good idea. I have on occasion sent emails to myself for other reasons. Thanks!
      Mike recently posted…WWII War Worker.My Profile

  • Rummuser Nov 12, 2017

    What I do when I get an idea to do something that requires work at my computer is to send myself a mail from my cell phone. When I open my mail in the computer, the mail jogs my memory and bingo, I do what needs to be done.
    Rummuser recently posted…You Need To Believe.My Profile

    • Mike Nov 12, 2017

      I’ve done that occasionally, but not often. I’ll have to remember to do that more often. Thanks!
      Mike recently posted…WWII War Worker.My Profile

  • Cheerful Monk Nov 12, 2017

    I email ideas to myself too.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted…Sigh…My Profile

    • Mike Nov 13, 2017

      I did use the notepad ap on my iPhone yesterday and I’m just finishing up on a blog post about one of the ideas I noted there. 😉
      Mike recently posted…Returning is SecondaryMy Profile

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