Lost Power!

It’s been really really dry here for several weeks.  While we’ve had a little bit of rain on a couple of days in the last months or so, much of the state of Arkansas counties have banned outdoor burning of any kind to minimize the potential for wildfires.

The weather forecasters had been predicting rain for this weekend and, as the weekend approached, were warning that there was some possibility for severe weather accompanying a strong cold front that was to come through the area.

Saturday night and early Sunday morning, radar showed that there was a sharp demarcation along the front. With the mild weather we had left windows at the front of the house, protected from rain by the porch, open.

Around 2:30 A.M., I woke, for some reason, just as – or after – power was lost to our area of the county.  We live on a state highway between two towns with a main power line running along the highway, servicing the home along the highway and down branch roads.  Often, if we lose power, it is out for everyone along that stretch of road.

We’re set up where we can run power from our motorhome’s generator to power part of the loads in our house.  Unfortunately, the motorhome was parked too far away for the 30 amp power cable to be connected between the house and the motorhome – and the motorhome engine battery was dead!

So I improvised with extension cords until I could get the engine battery charged so I could move the motorhome.

Power was restored at about 6:20 P.M. 

It could have been worse.  For a time, power restoration was predicted for 12 P.M. – tomorrow!

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