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Twisted tree on south rim, Grand Canyon National Park, Wyoming, October 7, 2011.

The tree is probably a Utah Juniper, as it is the most common juniper in Arizona.  A short tree, it is an extremely slow growing plant that may live as long as 650 years.  Under very severe site conditions, Utah junipers can subsist in very stunted forms –  a 6-inch tree with a 24-inch taproot may be over 50 years old.  Utah junipers thrive on very dry sites and usually occur in areas with hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters.

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  • Opal Jun 15, 2015

    This picture is lovely. This weekend, while we were visiting the BFs parents, I mentioned you.

    My daughter and I were helping his mom put together a puzzle. It’s one of the toughest puzzles we’ve done. The puzzle was shot in Sedona, Arizona. It was a beautiful picture of red rocks in a canyon. They told me they had visited those rocks. It immediately made me think of some of the wonderful pictures you shared here and so I mentioned you and your blog in our discussion.
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    • Mike Jun 27, 2015

      We’ve never actually been to Sedona, Arizona. The closest we came was in 2011 when we visited the area around Flagstaff, but we never went more than a couple miles south if I40 until we were quite a ways east of there. Sedona is pretty much sue south of Flagstaff.
      Mike recently posted…Day ShiftMy Profile

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