Lake Ogallala State Recreation Area

Three from the Road #18 – 2010 trip1

Lake Ogallala, Nebraska, July 8, 2010

Lake Ogallala sits below Kingsley Dam on its east side in western Nebraska.  Located immediately downstream from Lake McConaughy on the North Platte River in Keith County, it was formed in the late 1930’s when the dredging of materials for the construction of Kingsley Dam resulted in a large borrow pit. Water supplied to Lake Ogallala is primarily from deep-water releases from Lake McConaughy resulting in cold water temperatures ideal for trout.2

Lake Ogallala, Nebraska, July 8, 2010

Lake Ogallala, at 320 acres, is comparatively small, gentle and sedate. Its protected shoreline wards off winds that would send the big lake into torment. Lake Ogallala’s modern campground is a pay-for-use area, but has all the conveniences electricity, modern restrooms, hot showers and fire grates. Its camper pads are nestled among mature cottonwoods in a serene lakeside setting. On the west side, a more primitive atmosphere prevails at campsites without all the amenities.3

Lake Ogallala, Nebraska, July 8, 2010


End Notes

  1. Three from the Road is a series sharing images from places we’ve visited.  Initially, each post included thee images, related by a randomly selected location or topic. Posts now may be random choices or pre-planned sequences.  This post is in a series sequentially sharing images from our 2010 trip west.
  2. Lake Ogallala Project Ready to Move Ahead; Environmental Update, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, Summer 2009 (Accessed 10/15/2016)
  3. Lake Ogallala SRA, NE – Reserve America, Nebraska State Parks
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  • Hilary Nov 3, 2016

    Hi Mike – looks wonderful and if there were trout for supper I’d be very happy! Cheers Hilary

    • Mike Nov 3, 2016

      It’s one of our favorites, but, unfortunately, it’s out of the way for most of our travels. When my dad still lived in Nebraska, it was but a short drive after leaving his place. However, they had just sold their house when we stopped to visit them on this trip and were going to be moving back to Oregon, so it won’t be very often that we travel this way.

      The larger lake, above the dam, holds a special place in my childhood memories.

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