Karen’s Quilting

Note: This post was originally published in 2007.  I recently came across it during a search on Exit78. It was missing its pictures and, after recovering the images, I decided to republish it as a “blast from the past” post.

Quiltin Demonstration at Historic Arkansas Museum in May 2007

Quilting is something that Karen really loves. In the photo above, she is demonstrating her quilting at the Historic Arkansas Museum in May 2007. The quilting frame she is using was purchased specifically for use in our camper when we are traveling. (Note: In 2007, the camper was much larger than the one we have now and the quilting frame is now to0 large.)

Karen has been able to sell some of her quilts through the museum store at the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock. Since she does hand quilting, it takes a bit of time to complete. Still, some of the quilts have traveled much farther than we are ever likely to. As I understand it, one is in Austria, another in China, and a third was taken to South Africa as a gift for some foundation or organization.

The baby quilt below was purchased recently (2007) and we think that it is going to be used in an Aspen, Colorado raffle or auction fund raiser for cancer research.

Baby quit sold at Historic Arkansas Museum gift store.

You can see more of Karen’s quilts on her web site.

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