Follow the Rules!

Danger - Keep off Thermal Area

We actually follow the rules in the parks we visit.

It shouldn’t, but it often surprises us when others don’t, like the fellow below.  The area he is standing in is a thermal area off the trail at Norris Geyser basin.

People have stepped and fallen through fragile surfaces that look very solid. Some have been injured by scalding hot liquids that may lie under any of the thermal areas off the designated trails.

Writing his 1995 book Death in Yellowstone, park historical archivist Lee H. Whittlesey sifted through National Park Service records to identify 19 human fatalities from falling into thermal features. – Geothermal Attractions Can Be Dangerous

Danger - Keep off Thermal Area

About 20 minutes after I shot the picture above, I spotted a hole in the surface of the thermal area about the same distance off the trail.

Danger - Keep off Thermal Area

The surface of these areas often looks perfectly safe, but looks can be very deceiving.

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  • Cheerful Monk Sep 14, 2014

    You wouldn’t catch me doing that!
    Cheerful Monk recently posted…PreparingMy Profile

    • Mike Sep 15, 2014

      It always disappoints me when we see adults doing things that posted signs specifically say NOT to do. I can understand kids, including teens, pushing the envelope, but adults should be past that.
      Mike recently posted…Waiting for Old FaithfulMy Profile

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