Faces Out of Time–a series

  1. Dorothea Lange, an influential American documentary photographer and photojournalist, best known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administration (FSA). Originally published June 22, 2012; revised and republished November 4, 2017.
  2. WWII War Worker, Lathe operator machining parts for transport planes at the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation plant, Fort Worth, Texas. Originally published July 23, 2012; revised and republished November 10, 2017.
  3. New York, Children Playing – Children Playing, The Dark Side of the Images.,  Children playing with Campbell Kid dolls. Originally published July 24, 2012, as New York, Children Playing, a very much expanded update that included the home workers who made the dolls and their clothes on a  “piece work” basis was republished November 23, 2017.
  4. July 26, 2012 – Mulberry Street, about 1900, New York City.
  5. August 3, 2012 – A symbol of the Great Depression–Walker Evans’ photo of Allie Mae Burroughs. The three families headed by Bud Fields, Floyd Burroughs and Frank Tingle, lived in the Hale County town of Akron, Alabama.
  6. August 10, 2012 – An Israelite, Jerusalem, Holy Land (c. 1890 – 1905)
  7. August 17, 2012 – Woman’s Work, a woman working in the Assembly and Repair Dept. of the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas
  8. August 24, 2012 – Bedouins about 1900
  9. August 31, 2012 – Hain’t been to school much. Neil Power, 10 yrs old, he said, “Turns stockings in Rome  Hosiery Mill.” A shy, pathetic figure. “Hain’t been to school much.”
  10. September 7, 2012 – Buffalo Bill, before he mounted for the Grand Start
  11. September 14, 2012 – Yardmaster; Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad yards in Amarillo, Texas
  12. September 21, 2012 – Unidentified soldier. Unidentified young soldier in Confederate infantry uniform, possibly drummer boy
  13. September 28, 2012 – Ėti︠u︡d golovki. Title Translation: Head study; Created between 1905 and 1915 by Sergeĭ Mikhaĭlovich Prokudin-Gorskiĭ
  14. October 5, 2012 – Shchedrin, a political prisoner in Russia (c. 1882). Shchedrin, a school teacher, was one of the political prisoners at the Kara gold mines who, in April, 1882, escaped from prison by digging a tunnel under the prison wall.
  15. October 12, 2012 – Millie Cornaro, Philadelphia, 10 years old. Cranberry Picker. Sept. 28, 1910.
  16. October 19, 2012 – Two Japanese women circa 1877. Photographer probably Baron Raimund von Stillfried.
  17. October 26, 2012 – Turkish woman, circa 1860-1870. One albumen print, circa 1860-1870, of a seated Turkish woman, by Abdullah Bros. of Istanbul.
  18. October 26, 2016 – Two women seated on bench, interior. Eastman Museum
  19. November 1, 2016 – Irish spinner and spinning wheel. County Galway, Ireland
  20. November 4, 2016 – John Beauchamp Jones–Senior Clerk in the Confederate War Office
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