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  • Grannymar Feb 28, 2014

    Those eyes look Irish to me, pale eyelashes that go with the reddish blond hair, thought I could not see any freckles that normally go with them. AND the ears are a definite giveaway, I know loads of Irish guys with ears like door handles! Please don't tell any of them that I said so! 😉
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    • Mike Feb 28, 2014

      I wouldn't be surprised — plenty of refugees from hard times in Ireland emigrated to America, including one or more of my own ancestors. I haven't been able to go more that one generation back from my own grandfather, Robert Dougherty, so don't know when my Irish immigrant ancestor(s) arrived.

  • Alan G Feb 28, 2014

    Certainly enjoy the photographs you choose to post. There's so much of life etched in those faces.
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    • Mike Feb 28, 2014

      Thanks! This has been a long term project. I had scheduled a lot of these in advance and this was the last one scheduled… I guess I'll work on that a bit over the next week. I've got a folder full of images that I've saved to choose from.

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