Early 20th Century Yellowstone National Park Footage

The Internet Archive site can be a good source for public domain material and is where, in 2009, I found the following video, which I uploaded to YouTube. It includes images of an early recreational vehicle — a trailer –, boiling an egg in a hot thermal pool, a man feeding a bear, Old Faithful geyser, and old Faithful Inn.

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  • Hilary Mar 21, 2017

    Hi Mike – good to know what a geyser is … great commentary … while the egg incident – I wonder what the shadow was winding up .. and loved seeing the other shadows too – but I wasn’t too happy with her chucking the egg shell away! … Old Faithful … amazing isn’t it … Fun to watch and particularly to listen to … cheers Hilary
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    • Mike Mar 21, 2017

      Well, that was interesting. I copied and pasted your information from a previous comment and then did the same for the information you left in the email.

      I got the same error message! I tried it at least four times, with the same results. So I started researching. I only found one thing that it could be.

      I had not actually typed anything in the message box, just pasted. After I went in and retyped a few characters before submitting it, it worked.

      I’ve changed the error message to:

      “Did you cut and paste your comment? If so, try typing in a portion of the comment as it appears that you might be using an automated comment submission application. That makes it look like spam to this blog! (if you feel this message is in error please contact admin)”
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