Customer Service I recently ordered replacement parts for our kitchen stove online from RepairClinic.

The main problem was that one of the large heating elements on the stove top, after intermittent problems, had stopped working.  I ordered the burner, the associated wiring and some other pieces primarily for cosmetic improvement.

The order arrived with the right number of parts.  However, instead of the surface heating element, there was a small cylindrically shaped object, a pressure relief device for a pressure washer.

It turned out that RepairClinic has online chat.

3:54:13 PM – Hi, my name is Erik. How can I assist you today?

3:56:06 PM – We just got our shipment, but it didn’t include Item #: 911361 Description: Coil Surface Element. Instead it included item 1955152 (UPC code), which we didn’t order.

3:56:40 PM – Ok let me take a look at your order and see what happened. One moment please

3:58:09 PM – The part we got is a thermal release valve for a homelite pressure washer, which we don’t have.

4:00:16 PM – Ok I am going to set up a replacement for the surface element. I will make sure that the warehouse grabs the correct part this time. I am not sure if someone back there just grabbed the wrong number or something else happened. I apologize for that regardless. I can upgrade the replacement to fedex ground and that will get to you this Tuesday

4:00:42 PM – Thanks, Erik!!!!!

4:00:58 PM – You’re welcome. We don’t need to get that valve back. You can throw that out.

4:01:15 PM – OKAY.

4:01:45 PM – Can I help you with anything else?

4:02:09 PM – No, that’s it. Thanks much for your fast help.

4:02:18 PM – You’re welcome Mike. Have a great day.

The part arrived as scheduled.

There’s nothing special about this customer service experience other than this is the way that it’s supposed to go – resolution achieved in just a few minutes.

How often do you hear good customer service stories?  How about bad ones?

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  • Rummuser Jun 1, 2014

    Now that IS top class customer service. If something like this had happened at first shot in my case, I would have been as delighted as you and would have posted about that too.
    Rummuser recently posted…Amazing Amazon India Closure.My Profile

    • Mike Jun 1, 2014

      Actually, this started out as a comment on your blog, but it kept growing, so I made it into a blog post instead.

  • Grannymar Jun 1, 2014

    Mike that is the kind of service we get from all companies be they from Ireland, the UK or the US of A
    Grannymar recently posted…Sunday One liners ~ 31My Profile

    • Mike Jun 1, 2014

      That’s good and corresponds pretty much with our experience.

      I think most customer service horror stories are on the other side; in other words, the bad and rude customers that the customer service people have to deal with on a regular basis. It’s appropriate for a customer to be firm and precise in dealing with product problems. It’s not appropriate for them to be nasty and mean. However, in today’s world, I think that all-too-often, the loony side of people shows up. I always try to consider that the person one is talking to had absolutely nothing to do with your problem.
      Mike recently posted…D Day Rescue, Omaha Beach.My Profile

  • Cheerful Monk Jun 2, 2014

    I’m usually pleased with the customer service we receive. The most recent bad case that stands out was calling Apple Care when my airport Time Capsule failed and lost all my old backups. Okay, that happens. The bad part was when the customer service fellow said I was expecting too much. The system wasn’t to be used for saving old backups, just the most recent one. Yeah, sure.

    All the good cases are too numerous to mention.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted…Securing the SpacersMy Profile

  • Davina Haisell Jun 10, 2014

    Well, this was a pleasure to read, Mike. It’s funny how inclined people are to post rants, while positive experiences such as this go unmentioned.

    Often, it’s just a miscommunication or simply human error that is the cause. That was the case with a recent experience I had after ordering a replacement part. A couple of weeks passed and I received an an email from them that my credit card was not authorized. Puzzled, I phoned to give them the number again and not long after, received the same message. After I inquired with my credit card company, I learned that this company was simply keying in a wrong number and eventually the problem was solved.

    I’m glad your time was not wasted and that you received the part you needed.

    • Mike Jun 14, 2014

      Thanks, Davina.

      Rants are sometime simply complaints by winy, less-than-happy people.

      I recently bought a tile cutter for a flooring project. On the very first cut, it broke. I could have posted about it, I suppose, but it didn’t even cross my mind. Instead I took it back for a refund. 🙂
      Mike recently posted…GeronimoMy Profile

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