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Today started out as a rainy, misty day, so we drove to Spearfish, South Dakota for supplies. On the way back conditions must have been just right for deer. We counted 95! That’s more deer than I’ve ever seen in one day – ever!

This afternoon and evening, I’ve been going through photos from yesterday and publishing some on a site that’s for our family as well as posting some on two blogs, my Haw Creek Out ‘n About and Karen’s blog at The contents of the articles on both blogs is essentially the same except that Karen edited some of the wording to make it sound more like her.

We are getting ready to go back up into the monument to do a moonlight walk with a ranger. It’s currently 58°F with a breeze. It’s higher in elevation and on a ridge, so we’ll be dressing warmly.

This image is a montage of over 10 separate photographs. Even with a wide angle zoom lens, we were so close that I was not able to get all of the tower in. The rocks below the tower are remnants of rock columns that have fallen over the ages.



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  • teeni Aug 28, 2007

    Wow – this was made of 10 photographs? You are really pretty good with the photo-techno thingys. I would never have guessed that. It is seamless! And it must have been magnificent to see that many deer! Awesome. Stay warm and keep posting!

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