Woman survives attack by enraged buffalo

The animals in our National Parks truly are wild and even those that seem mild may attack if provoked.

Recently, a woman was attacked by a buffalo that appears to have become enraged when someone in another group threw something at it and hit it.  Following a friend who also got too close, they became the buffalo’s target after angered by being hit in the side.

The CNN report includes the woman’s video, in which you can see the object hitting the buffalo, followed by the buffalo bucking and charging the first humans it sees.


"I thought it was the end," Cathy Hayes told CNN by phone late Wednesday.

Hayes said she was vacationing in Yellowstone on Monday with her husband and a friend. The group was driving through the park when they spotted a bison.

"My friend is from California, and had never seen a bison before," she said. "So we pulled over and went to get a closer look."

Minutes later, the bison attacked. And it was all caught on tape.

Read the whole story and see the video on CNN.


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