Wind Blown

Travel Journal 7/13/2010

We left our nice, lake side camping spot a day early.  We are now sitting at the KOA in Dubois, Wyoming.

It was the wind. 

It was just too much.

We had planned a nice relaxing day – with a little sight seeing before lunch and relaxing by “our” little beach, but the wind was just to much for “relaxation.

The wind had been strong when we got back to the camper yesterday.  Karen had cooked our supper on the leeward side of the the motor home, which is also where we sat most of the evening, out of the direct wind.

The video was shot where we were sitting out of the wind, yesterday.  It was worse today.  The weather forecast was calling for 15 to 30 mile per hour winds, with gusts reaching as high as 50 mph. 

Driving the motor home in the wind was not pleasant.  Fuel economy suffered, even though I was driving 10 mph below the speed limit, as we were going directly into the wind.

Tomorrow we are headed into Grand Teton National Park.  We don’t have a reservation for a camp site, so we will see if we can get into a campground in the park.  If not there are other campgrounds in the forest outside the park.

I’m not sure when I will be posting next.  Internet service is unlikely where we will be going, but Jackson, Wyoming is a popular place, with lots of upscale development over the years.  Surely we will be able to find Starbucks.

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