What will 2009 bring for blogging and you?

I can tell you one thing that 2009 will bring for blogging.


It’s the way of the world.  Blogging will be different for me — and for you — at the end of 2009 from what it is right now.

Some of the people blogging today that we read will move on to other things and either just stop blogging abruptly or just sort of fade away.

Others will change the focus of their blog and become more interesting while others will become less interesting.  Some will change the focus and be just as interesting as always.

My interests in blogs — and probably yours — will likely change somewhat as the year goes by.  Some of us will likely just get burnt out on blogging and reading blogs and decide to take a break from it — some, perhaps, even permanently.

This month marked the end of the second year for Exit78, though it has some earlier posts moved from a previous blog that was retired.  I intend to still be publishing at the end of 2009 and hope that those who drop by now will still be dropping by then.

How about you?  Do you think you will still be posting to your blog at the end of 2009?

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  • Vered - MomGrind Dec 27, 2008

    "Do you think you will still be posting to your blog at the end of 2009?"

    I think I will. I created something good with MomGrind. I don't want to give it up but I am very aware of the risk of burnout. I'm working on setting proper boundaries to avoid it.

  • Mike Goad Dec 27, 2008

    Vered – Yes, you certainly did. Your blog is one of those that I would think would still be around.

    Oh, and thanks for the stumble!

  • Ryan Dec 27, 2008

    I think I will still be blogging… but in some ways I'm hoping that I won't be blogging? It seems harsh, but I'm always thinking there is a better way to do this thing we call blogging, and the more I think about it the more my thoughts stray from blogging at all. Granted, I think a blog is a great place to keep people up-to-date on things: life, products, etc. So, my answer is yes and no–I'll be blogging, but it might not be the same way… and maybe not at all, but I'll still call it blogging. OK, now I'm not even making sense to myself. I'll just stop there.

  • Davina Dec 27, 2008

    Hi Mike. I won't be posting to Loving Pulse in 2009, but I have every intention to continue blogging on the new blog. I have to admit that I'm feeling a bit burnt out with blogging lately.

  • Julie Dec 27, 2008

    Yep, Mike, I'll still be here; I'm just getting started. Every bit of this is brand new for me—the writing and technology…I didn't even know what a blog was 9 months ago. All still feels like practice for something, so I'm sure it'll be an evolution. There are many wonderful people I've "met", like you, who unknowingly pass along all sorts of advice and encouragement. Thank you for that!

  • LifeMadeGreat Dec 27, 2008


    Nice topic and interesting question.

    I'm also a fairly new blogger. I really can't say what the end of 2009 will bring in this area of my life – perhaps I should give it some thought.
    All I know is that I plan to still be writing, I hope to continue to improve my writing and, most of all, I aim to bring inspiration, thought and joy to others.


  • Bryan Karl dot Com E Dec 27, 2008

    I do believe I'll be continuing this blogging career even after I would graduate from college. Blogging, I consider, is one of the best accomplishments I have in my life. Maybe if my last year in college would really kill all my free time, then I'd pause. But I'll always come back. I love what I am doing.

    And about change. I don't need a year to change. My preference and decisions could maybe change tomorrow. Change is something inevitable, though I'm not completely prepared for bad changes.

    Anyways, nice post. And thanks for leaving a comment on my blog too.

    Good luck with 2009.

    Bryan Karl

  • Matt Dec 28, 2008

    I sure hope I'm still blogging at the end of the year. I really like interacting and debating with people from all over, and with different points of view. And I love just checking out other blogs and reading what people have to say.

    The only thing I am not certain of is whether I will keep the current theme of my blog. I usually try to post articles on controversial, non typical, stories in order to invite discussion in the "comments" section. But, sometimes I think people get tired of it all and just want something entertaining or fun to read. So, who knows.

  • Mike Goad Dec 28, 2008

    Ryan – If you discover a better way to do this thing called blogging, let us know. I think blogging needs to be worthwhile to the individual doing it… otherwise, why bother.

    Davina – I already subscribed to your new blog, not long after you announced it. Looking forward to your posts there.

    Julie – You are certainly welcome…, and I hope to grow in my blogs this year, too!

    Juliet – If you want to be writing, blogging is certainly a place that you can do it — one of the few places that anyone can enjoy writing for a least some semblance of an audience. Best of luck at it!

    Bryan Karl – Thanks – Obviously, to me, finishing college has to take precedence over other more enjoyable things. And recognizing that change is inevitable is something that a lot of people cannot do, so you are ahead in that.

    Matt – Posting on non-typical topics can be good if done right, particularly if it generates discussion and comments.


    I'm replying using one of my other blog addresses to test out the commentluv plug-in, which I think I've finally been able to get working.

    <abbr>Mike Goad´s last blog post..Along Seven Hollows Trail</abbr>

    And it worked! Finally!

  • Carla Dec 29, 2008

    As if now, I think I will still be blogging around this time next year. I need to figure out how much time I will do that verses my main site though. Lately, my blog has taken up the majority of my time with Green and Chic.

    <abbr>Carla´s last blog post..Homemade Reusable Grocery Store Bags</abbr>

  • teeni Dec 29, 2008

    Lots of questions and very few answers for me on that right now. I think I'll still be blogging but definitely differently and on a different schedule that allows me more real life time. 😉 I think the beginning of blogging for me did what it was supposed to – it helped me through my cancer treatments and radiation and allowed me to dip my feet into the blogging world. After that, the tea room got hosted as I attempted to test the waters at making money by blogging. Now I think I may go back to a free blog as the millions haven't been pouring in and I see no reason to have to deal with all the technical stuff when I could blog for free easily enough. Sometimes I entertain the thought of closing the tea room and opening a different hosted blog where I could apply what I've learned and not repeat mistakes I've made. But again, it's all up in the air at the moment. But it all runs through my mind as I get closer to having to decide whether to renew my domain name or not.

  • Kathy Dec 30, 2008

    Wow! What a thought provoking question!

    I certainly hope that the end of 2009 will find me still thinking and wanting to connect with others – and therefore still blogging.

    I'm loving reading how other bloggers have answered this question – and I think that curiosity and desire for connection is the "secret sauce" of blogging.

    <abbr>Kathy @ Virtual Impax´s last blog post..Another “stupid” business idea that was anything but stupid</abbr>

  • Maleesha Dec 30, 2008

    I love your site! And since you busted me lurking on here, I might as well leave a comment! 😉 I will definitely be posting by the end of 2009, unless i get hit by a bus or something. I have been blogging for a long time now (although I recently cleaned out a lot of my early stuff which was mostly fluff). I am seriously an internet addict and since i am here all the time, I might as well write. It is therapeutic for me, and I just love "meeting" others who do the same.

    <abbr>Maleesha´s last blog post..Be My 1000th Commenter!</abbr>

  • Mike Goad Dec 30, 2008

    Carla – Blogs can absorb a lot of time. In November, I preposted most of December's material on my 3 blogs so that I could spend time renovating my Haw Creek site. (Much of what I publish is photographs.)

    teeni – If you move to something different, make sure you announce it so that all of your loyal readers can follow you!

    Kathy – The responses have been interesting, haven't they. I'd like to be able to do more blog posts with questions that readers are interested in blogging.

    Maleesha – Thanks! Busting your lurking was just happenstance. Blogging can be interesting, that's for sure. I plan to still be doing it for the foreseeable future.

  • Dot Dec 31, 2008

    Interesting that you wrote a prediction for 2009 and my latest post asks for predictions. Yours seems bound to come true. Will I still be blogging? Yes, I think so. I only started blogging in earnest six months ago, and although growth has been very slow, I now have a wonderful group of readers, including you, whose "conversation" I enjoy and would really miss.

    Part of the reason for the slow growth of my blog has been my lack of time and energy to do promotion. I don't anticipate having any more time, but I have a few ideas to improve my health issues, which could lead to more energy.

    Happy New Year, to you and Exit 78!

    <abbr>Dot´s last blog post..Predictions for the Future</abbr>

  • Grace Kleppin Jan 3, 2009

    I think the question for me comes down to, shall I be writing 12 months from now. Of course! I live, I breathe, I write. It is an interwined into my psyche as water to a dolphin.

    But we all change, and what we create changes with us. That's what makes life interesting.

    Thanks for coming to visit. G.

    <abbr>Grace Kleppin´s last blog post..The best advice I gave myself in 2008</abbr>

  • Mike Goad Jan 3, 2009

    Dot – Yeah, that was kind of interesting that we were both posting about predictions. I hope that your ideas for improving your health work for you in the new year.

    Grace – I said the much the same a year ago in response to someone else's blog post on "will you still be blogging in a year?" (I hope no one thought that the idea for this post was completely original to me.) Not so much that writing is an integral part of me, but that blogging had become so, whether posting text or pictures.

    Happy New Year

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