What Global Warming?

Update:  See new graphs at the end — no “cherry picking.”

October 13, 2012 ————


I’m not a climate scientist – or any other kind of scientist, for that matter.

However, I can take a set of numbers and dates and create a graph from them in Excel.

The preceding graph represents monthly global temperature variations in °C from January 1997 through August 2012 – almost 16 years.

I produced the graph after seeing this one at the Daily Mail:

climate change

The following graph is from the same data source, except it is “decadally smoothed” – “filtered to remove variability on time scales of less than a decade.”


This is the first time that I’ve actually plotted any of the data and I must say that I’m a bit surprised, especially with the second figure.

The dataset is part of the HadCRUT4 time series and comes from the UK Met Office Hadley Centre. It is available here.


October 16, 2012

1850 to 2012 global temperature HadCRUT4 anomaly:

1900 to 2012 global temperature HadCRUT4 anomaly, “decadally smoothed” – “filtered to remove variability on time scales of less than a decade.”:


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