We’re in Wyoming now — check out the pictures!

We’re camped in Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, just a little ways from the Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, post office.

I took the following photo from the tail-gate of my pickup truck at our campsite. (That’s not our camper in the picture.)


We are at the Devil’s Tower KOA, which shares a fence with the national monument.



Comments on “We’re in Wyoming now — check out the pictures!”

August 27, 2007

teeni @ 8:30 am

Hmmm…The first two pictures leave me wanting a nice big pile o’ mashed potatoes! LOL.

Seriously, though – gorgeous scenery!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Mike Goad @ 8:36 am

It took me a minute to catch the connection. Of course if I had gone to the campground’s nightly showing of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I would have gotten it right away.

I plan on posting more pictures. A big part of traveling for me is taking photos and now, with my blogs, I have a venue where I can share them with others.

August 28, 2007

teeni @ 9:41 pm

And though I AM a big goofball at times, I DO appreciate your sharing your travel pictures. I hope to visit all kinds of places in my lifetime but with money/work/financial situations I may not get to see them all in person so you never have to twist my arm to look at pictures. ;) Do they really show that movie every night at the campground? Too funny.

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