Well that didn’t last long!

A lost Exit78 post , recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; July 2011

So much for following through on my plan not to make any more major changes until ‘08.

I did like the WordPress theme that I was using, but it wasn’t able to do some the things that can be done using WordPress 2.3. Even some of the capabilities it did have didn’t produce results that I liked.

Instead of working on some of the things I had planned on working on, I found myself browsing through WordPress themes and plug-ins, trying to find solutions.

Sure, I know that I could probably learn how to do the coding. I even looked at some books on CSS and php in a couple of bookstores, one locally and another in Little Rock.

However, I’m not a coding kind of guy. I played around with programming and database management back in the late 80s and early 90s — even had a number of computer classes besides what I learned on my own. I don’t have the patience — or interest — for it. Why try to develop something if I can find something out there that works without having to delve into the files?

Along with the new format, I’ve included links to our other blogs and web sites. I’m pretty sure that that the blog will be my new personal home page and main page for Exit78, so I will be adding a few other things to facilitate that.

This is coming together rather well so I will be writing new material soon.


Comments on “Well that didn’t last long!”

November 23, 2007

teeni @ 4:56 pm

I really like this layout so no complaints from me! And I procrastinated again this week but will hope to be posting my meme over the weekend or on Monday. So keep an eye peeled. ;)


November 25, 2007

Rose @ 4:42 pm

Honestly- I don’t like this theme. lol Sorry. :(


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