Well, I think that I’ve got my issue with flikr figured out

A lost Exit78 post , recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; June 2011

The problem looks like it’s with the visual editor. Whenever an existing post is opened, the WordPress visual editor apparently tries to clean up some of the messy code. Unfortunately, some of that code is what was providing the layout that I had selected in flikr.

Flikr provides the bare-bones post, but it doesn’t select the categories or add links — the kind of things I like to include in my posts. However, it does give a layout for photos in the blog that I like,

So I guess for a while I’ll be going back to just using the code editor, at least for a while.

And it worked!

The picture and it’s captions are still where they belong, on the top of the page and on the right. (Except I moved it to the other side to see if I could!)

Now that I’ve got that figured out, I can do some other tweaking.

It also explains some of the difficulties I’ve been having with editing my Daily Chronicles of the American Civil War blog.

I guess the visual editor is great if you want just simple editing. At least it’s not as bad as the one that they forced us to use for editing web pages back where I used to work. That one was painful, especially when someone else went in it to edit it and lost everything.

Now that that’s done, I can move on to other stuff :)

Comments on “Well, I think that I’ve got my issue with flikr figured out”

November 2, 2007

teeni @ 9:52 am

Oh, I’m glad you figured that out. I have found some of those issues with the free WordPress as well. Some things that don’t work in the visual editor DO in the code editor but I’m not sure they want us to know that. LOL.

November 6, 2007

Opal Tribble @ 6:39 am

I’m not sure if I told you but I’m a history buff and am especially fond of civil war history. I really love the changes you made. It looks very good.

I mainly use code editor in Word Press visual editor in my opinion has it’s limitations especially if you want to do more. I usually do, lol. :-)
Excellent work you’ve done at the Civil War website. Congrats!

Opal Tribble @ 6:41 am

Oh by the way I’m adding that blog as a history resource on my homeschooling website. There is a lot of excellent info on your website! My daughter and I will be stopping by later this week for a short lesson. :-)


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