Wednesday Weigh-In

I started working out and watching what I eat fairly seriously a couple of weeks ago, just before I read about the new blog, Blog to Fit.  Today is the first Wednesday Weigh-In, where the three authors of the blog update their progress and invite others to share as well.

I’m started out at 285.6 lbs two weeks ago and I’m at 280 lbs. today.  I’m 6 ft. 3 in.

While I wasn’t at my heaviest ever, I was close.  My weight has remained relatively stable for quite a few years, generally between 270 and 280, once managing to down to 255 about 4 years ago, before I lost motivation once again.

I know that losing weight can be done.  Back in the mid-nineties, I went from my heaviest, about 290, down to 204 lbs over a year’s time and kept it off for a couple of years until April, 1996, when I had a herniated lumbar disc.  While the initial pain receded to where the neurosurgeon recommended against surgery, it was painful to exercise and I got out of the habit, so… here we go again — one more attempt.

Never did have the surgery — and it’s only a minor pain, generally when I’ve not been excercising in a while.

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  • Tara Nov 19, 2008

    Weigh to go Mike (weigh to go! Get it . . . Hmmm)
    You've been there and done it before, so you know it can be done.
    You're right about the motivation thing, once you're out of the habit it is so hard to drag yourself back into it again – especially if you have been ill.
    I'm here on the sidelines rooting for you!
    And I know it's got nothing to do with anything, but wow you are tall!

  • rummuser Nov 19, 2008

    Mike, both my hips have been replaced and re-replaced. I am told to do or not to do so many things to protect the joints so that they do not need revision again before I pop off that my battle with my weight is a permanent one. I am now enthused by your attempts and shall take my own attempts to a higher plane. I was 100 Kg on October 15th, I am now 95 Kg. I am simply eating less and walking for 45 minutes every day.

  • Dave Fowler Nov 19, 2008

    Mike, jsut wanted to say thank you or supporting us over at our new site. You've also been kind enough to visit me at myother venue, again, many thanks! It is appreciated.

    The fact that you know the weight loss can be done (becasue you've done it before) is big plus and should already be outting the right messages in your mind.

    You've had a good start with your weight loss and from what I understand, it's just about the perfect rate of weight loss for a man of your weight. Good stuff.

    I too have problems with my back but not as serious as yours. So I understand a little how such prolems can derail even the best efforts.

    Keep going Mike, and thanks again.


  • teeni Nov 19, 2008

    Wow – you've already lost a bit! Good for you. These types of posts keep me inspired to continue working at it myself.

  • Vered - MomGrind Nov 19, 2008

    Good luck!

    People often say that maintaining is harder than losing the weight.

  • Barbara Swafford - B Nov 19, 2008

    Best of luck, Mike. Knowing you did it before must give you motivation to know you can do it again. Make sure you keep us posted.

  • Blogger Dad Nov 20, 2008

    Ditto everything that Other Dave said :).
    Thanks for your support and comments at both this site and over at my own. I appreciate it.
    Hopefully, you'll be free from pain this go round. Best of luck!

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