We got FED UP and LEFT Wisconsin EARLY!

Actually, the head-line is intentionally misleading. We “fed up” pretty good with an early Christmas dinner, but we found it prudent to leave half a day early.

Our daughter actually was the one that suggested that we leave early.

The weather was a bit disappointing the entire time we were visiting. It was very foggy the entire time we were there, so much so that we were not able to see any of the countryside when we went anywhere except just what was right next to the road. With the amount of snow that was on the ground, it would have been really pretty — if we could have seen it.

We’ve been watching the forecast for this weekend since we got there on Wednesday and making contingency plans just in case. Saturday morning, our plans were to leave the hotel Sunday morning and go over to our daughter’s for a few hours, giving the road crews a chance to do whatever clearing they needed to do. At that time, the forecast was for two to four inches of snow. As the day progressed, the forecast changed to three to eight inches of snow overnight with widespread blowing snow and a chance of additional snow during the day on Sunday.

After our daughter suggested that we leave early, we decided that it would probably be prudent to cut the trip short and avoid potentially snowy roads combined with holiday traffic. We left the hotel at 3:40 P.M. and spent the night in Springfield, Illinois. We’ll be home some time late today (Sunday).

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  • teeni Dec 23, 2007

    Here's a message to welcome you and Karen home safely!
    WELCOME HOME!!!! 😀

    P.S. Sorry you had to cut your visit a little short but glad you are all wise enough to decide your health is more important and not worth risking on dangerous road conditions.

  • Mike Goad Dec 23, 2007

    Thanks, we made it just about 20 minutes ago. 😀

  • Opal Tribble/Vegan M Dec 23, 2007

    I hope you arrived home safely. I enjoy traveling.

    We have a short road trip today. It's about 1.5 hours. We'll be spending the day with my brother, sister-in-law, and my nephew. I'm really excited!

  • Mike Goad Dec 24, 2007

    Opal – Yes, we did get here safely and of course, it should be obvious from as much as we've done this year that we enjoy traveling, but what we've done in the last couple of weeks was just a bit too much. We might fly next time, but right now, I have a bit of an aversion to flying, even after the long drives we've just finished.

    I hope your day today goes really, really well!

    Have a great Christmas!

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