Way Too Close to the Edge! — or, Holy C__p, What a View!

Karen on the Edge -- Grandview Point Trail, Canyonlands National Park
Karen on the Edge — Grandview Point Trail, Canyonlands National Park

The Grand View Point Trail begins as the end of Grand View Road on the southern tip of Island in the Sky Mesa. It starts at an approximate elevation of 6,100 feet and heads one mile southwest along a level path.

September 23, 2007 at 11.56pm CMT
Camera: Pentax K10D
Exposure: 0.003 sec (1/350)
Aperture: f/8
Focal Length: 18 mm
ISO Speed: 100
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  • teeni Feb 28, 2008

    Yikes! She is mighty brave! Ohmigod – Karen, do NOT look behind you and do NOT look DOWN for cripes sake.

    Oh, I could NOT stand there – I would have to pee so bad. Sorry if that's Too Much Information but that scenery/backdrop is too exciting and scary all at once. I don't mind viewing it from a safer vantage point though. You know, like how I am right now – in my armchair at home. LOL. Just kidding, I'd really like to see this in person someday. 🙂

  • teeni Feb 28, 2008

    Oh, and LOL – Did my comment in the previous post influence this posts' title? Heehee. If it did, that's my awesome power of persuasion at work there. Right! 😉

  • Calamity Feb 29, 2008

    Nope…No thanks…she can have it. I would be a clinging mass of jello. LOL

  • Karen Mar 1, 2008

    hey guys – the rock was really large! I guess you had to be there, I am not afraid of heights most of the time and when I am in control of the situation, I always tend to go to the edge of the rocks to look over and see how far down it is, I am always very careful when doing this and go slowly 🙂 This trail was wonderful – I just wish it hadn't been so windy – we took this trail the day before my 55th birthday and went for a grand hike up to the Delicate Arch to celebrate my 55th!! Karen

  • Rose Mar 4, 2008

    A brave woman indeed. You wouldn't catch me up there. Great Shot Mike.

  • Mike Goad Mar 4, 2008

    @ Teeni, actually, yes it did. In fact, it influenced the choice of this picture for the post. I had just uploaded the Canyonlands photos to Flickr, so I knew this photo was there and would fit perfectly here! 😉

  • teeni Mar 5, 2008

    LOL. Yes, your Karen IS a brave woman. Oh, and happy 55th birthday to her – albeit a bit late! Like Calamity – I'd be a clinging mass of jello (love that description), especially if it were windy up there.

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