Wanna do it again?

Now, I’m not a fan of car racing and wouldn’t recognize the names of most race car drivers, but Jeff Gordon is one that I have heard of.

So when I saw a Facebook share for Jeff Gordon, undercover, taking a car salesman on a test drive, I just had to check it out.

It is hilarious!

Fortunately, it’s not real.  The salesman is an actor and the driver is a stunt driver instead of Jeff Gordon.  The video was professional produced and employed about 75 people in its staging.  The car was a new 2013 Camero — Chevrolet didn’t make the Camero in 2009.  While Jeff Gordon is an excellent driver, he doesn’t do the kind of driving professionally that is seen in the video.  Finally, liability issues would have prevented this from really happening.  The salesman would have had to sign a release in advance.  Otherwise, he would have grounds for major lawsuits against the dealership and production company.


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