Those Vultures on the Potomac

Representatives, Senators, the Executive Branch, the President, lobbyists? Tempting though the thought might be, could “Vultures on the Potomac” actually be something very different than politics as usual?

vultures on the potomac, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

This photo was taken from a walkway on an old railroad bridge over the Potomac at Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.  According to a map I looked at, the birds were probably in Maryland as the state line is along the river bank on the West Virginia side.

Comments, anyone?

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  • Dot May 18, 2009

    Big and scary. I hope they stay in Harper's Ferry. 🙂

    <abbr>Dot’s last blog post..You Want What?!?</abbr>

  • Betsy May 18, 2009

    They're in Pennsylvania, too! Freaked me out at first when we were driving through Valley Forge – they are huge and scary, cast big shadows, too. Nice analogy, though!

    <abbr>Betsy’s last blog post..IDEALS, ICONS AND INDEPENDENT THINKING</abbr>

  • Vered - MomGrind May 18, 2009

    I'll take nature over politics any day.

    <abbr>Vered – MomGrind’s last blog post..Bizarre Vintage Ads</abbr>

  • XUP May 18, 2009

    Like Vered said, there are vultures and then there are vultures. These in the photo are frightening, but also somehow beautiful

    <abbr>XUP’s last blog post..Whatcha Gonna Do?</abbr>

  • Jean Browman--Cheerf May 18, 2009

    Great title! I figured it would be a nature picture, but it was hard not to think of the political kind. 😉

    <abbr>Jean Browman–Cheerful Monk’s last blog post..Beginning With the End in Mind</abbr>

  • rose May 18, 2009

    Vultures, but nonetheless beautiful pic.

  • teeni May 18, 2009

    I have never seen even a photo of a real vulture before so this was really neat! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    <abbr>teeni’s last blog post..The Name Is</abbr>

  • LisaNewton May 19, 2009

    Have you done any reading about the river battle between Maryland and Virginia? It's interesting………………..:)

    <abbr>LisaNewton’s last blog post..Swim, Learn, and Play at the Los Angeles Expo Center</abbr>

  • Mike Jun 7, 2009

    Thanks, everyone for commenting. Sorry for taking so long to reply.

    Dot, they are actually just scavengers. They are large birds, but not dangerous at all.

    Betsy, they are big. I think they have a bad rap though from old westerns where the hero is marooned in the hot desert and the vultures are circling high above. As scavengers, the common vulture does a good job of taking care of some of the road kill that the crows don't.

    Vered – I agree!

    XUP – We didn't think they were frightening, but we were above them on an old railroad trestle and I was using a long zoom lens. It was kind of neat to see them.

    Jean – Thanks. It's so hard to come up with good titles sometimes… and who would have thought that thinking up catchy phrases would be a consideration after retirement.

    rose – Thanks. I was just glad to get a good image.

    teeni – You are welcome!

    LisaNewton — No, I have not. I'm sure that it would be interesting. While it was easy to establish borders based on rivers, they powers-that-were back then in some instances left headaches for later powers-that-be with the way that rivers have shifted course over the intervening years.

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