We will be away from the internet for about a week — unless we happen to run over it somewhere on our travels! 😉

A few images from Virginia:

2009 05 08 006small
Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello

2009 05 08 044small

2009 05 08 113small

2009 05 10 003small
Virginia Beach, Virginia

2009 05 10 296small
A miniature at The Maritime Museum in Newport News.

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  • Vered - MomGrind May 11, 2009

    Beautiful photos. Those flowers are gorgeous.

    <abbr>Vered – MomGrind’s last blog post..Happy Mother’s Day To The Moms Who Blog</abbr>

  • Michelle Gartner May 11, 2009

    Gorgeous thanks for sharing, enjoy the trip.

    <abbr>Michelle Gartner’s last blog post..Smokey Bear Tonka Playsets 1972</abbr>

  • Debo Hobo May 12, 2009

    Stunning photos, especially the purple flowers. 🙂

    I have a sister moving to a house just off the Potomac in VA I can hardly wait to go visit her there.

    <abbr>Debo Hobo’s last blog post..Mellow Yellow Monday- Commuting Adventures & Dreams of a 4×4 Jeep Jockey</abbr>

  • Leslie May 15, 2009

    Again, envious am I. I took an entire class on Jefferson's Monticello in college, but the last time we were near there we got called home early and didn't squeeze in a visit. We're hoping to see it this August.

    <abbr>Leslie’s last blog post..The sun also rises!</abbr>

  • Mike May 17, 2009

    Vered – Thanks. It's a pretty neat place!

    Michelle – Thanks, we are enjoying the trip, though it looks like we'll be delaying our next trip.

    Debo – Thanks! We just crossed the Potomac an hour or so ago into Virginia — and then, almost immediately, we were in West Virginia!

    Leslie – The first time we visited Monticello was on July 4th many years ago. We weren't thinking! The lines were horrendous, but it was very neat.

  • teeni May 18, 2009

    Awesome photos! I especially love the flower – wonder what kind that is.

    <abbr>teeni’s last blog post..The Name Is</abbr>

  • Mike May 18, 2009

    Teeni – Thanks!

    I don't know what the name of the flower is. We were in a group getting a tour of the garden, otherwise I would have tried to get pictures of the stakes with the names instead of trying to take pictures AND keep up with the group.

  • Friar May 21, 2009

    Virginia beach looks like it's definitely in "off season". I can imagine what it looks like in July!

    Water right now is probably warmer than anything we'd get in Canada, though.

    • Mike Jun 7, 2009

      Yes, it certainly was in off season, even though it was a Sunday!

      I don't want to imagine that what it would be like during the season.

      I was too busy taking pictures to dip my toes in the water, but I'm sure it was chilly — but, yes, warmer than Canada, likely.

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