Vindication for a skeptic

The Netherlands’ largest daily newspaper, Der Telegraf, has totally vindicated the country’s most prominent global warming skeptic in an article titled, "Henk Tennekes – He was right after all (English translation)."

The director of the Netherlands Meteorological Institute, KNMI, until the early 1990s, Tennekes’ very vocal skepticism of the climate science from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change resulted in his forced resignation.

Tennekes continues to be very critical of the IPCC and the climate science of today:

"Henk Tennekes - He was right after all (English translation)."

“Why does the IPCC ignore the oceans? The top 2½ meters of all sea-water contain as much heat as
the total amount of heat in the atmosphere. Why has the topmost kilometre of the oceans turned
colder during the last five years?

We don’t know. Until we understand what is happening with the heat in the oceans, the models
which aim to predict the climate are totally useless.”

Read more:"Henk Tennekes – He was right after all (English translation)."

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