Update on Toni

Toni is still in rehab. She was supposed to go home on the 8th where she would be until she had healed from her injuries and surgery. After that she was to go back to rehab for more intense rehab. Unfortunately she had to go to the emergency room on the 6th and her gall bladder was removed early on the 7th. She’s going to still be in rehab through the weekend and then she’ll be going home until she’s healed.

The state is supposed to be helping with a lightweight wheel chair and with renovations to the house. However, red tape is holding things up and nothing had been done to the house, yet. She’ll be able to go home, but they’ll have to have a hospital bed set up in the living room and there’ll have to be a portable toilet. They bathroom isn’t handicap accessible yet, so there’ll have to be accommodations for that, as well.

There was a barbecue chicken fund raiser in the Boys and Girls Club parking lot on Friday. Several of the family helped out taking orders from people in the long line of cars and then delivering it to them so that they would not have to find a parking spot. From what I understand, they raised over $4800.

It seems as though the raffle for the quilt is going well. I know of a lady in Florida and one in Alberta who have sent in checks to purchase raffle tickets. Some of Mary’s co-workers were absolutely gushing over the quilt, saying that they really wanted to win it, and wondering where on earth they had gotten the quilt. They were more than a little surprised to find out that Mary’s sister had made it and donated it.

Michael Moore’s website included an article from the Springdale Morning News of last Thursday about the barbecue benefit. Not that I care about Mr. Moore, it was interesting to find the article.

A lost Exit78 post, recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; March 2011

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