Update: Arkansas February 5th Tornado Track was at least 120 miles long!

From the National Weather Service:

Aerial survey was completed late this morning for the tornadic storm that tracked across west central and northern Arkansas on Tuesday. The areal survey team concluded that the path of the tornado was continuous from Yell County… northeastward into Sharp County. The tornado was earlier rated an EF4. Based on preliminary information… the length of the tornado track will be at least 120 miles long.

An NWS ground survey team has also found the starting point of this tornado to be 5.6 miles east southeast of Centerville… in Yell County. An ending point… along with a more detailed path length… will be determined once the teams return later this afternoon.


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  • teeni Feb 11, 2008

    Wow! It's a wonder that they can get that big! I know they sometimes happen in groups like that but that is really a long track. **shudders**

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