Travel Route Update and Reservations

travel route

We are traveling about 150 miles today.  We have reservations at a National Forest campground in the mountains between Stanley and Boise, Idaho.

There are a lot of people camping this summer.  Many of the campgrounds have been very full and, in a couple of cases, we were lucky to get a spot.

About an hour or so we got to Dubois, Wyoming, we got to an area with cell phone service and called ahead to the KOA there.  They had one spot left, next to the horse coral.  We said we take it.

“Are you sure? It is next to the horse corral.”

We had left Pathfinder Reservoir late in the day because of the wind and really didn’t want to go searching for a camp site.  “Yes, we’ll take it.”

We have reservations at a campground in Yellowstone a little later in the trip.


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