Travel Journal — Clarksville, Missouri, June 2007

Note: This “lost” Haw Creek Out ‘n About post was recovered from the Internet Archive WayBack Machine.

On June 8th, we took some time to walk through a park on the west bank of the Mississippi and through part of Clarksville, Missouri. Founded in 1817, the town is the “southern anchor of one of America’s newest National Scenic Byways-the Little Dixie Highway of the Great River Road.”

While in Clarksville, we stopped in several shops and watched the artisans while they worked.

At the Clarksville Glassworks, Nicolas Philips created a glass vase as we watched. We’ve always liked glass, having done a little stained glass work years ago, and it was a pleasure to be able to sit and watch as the vase was formed. While we were there we also talked to another of the glass artists, Lance Stroheker, who was very helpful in explaining what Nicolas was doing.

We also stopped and watched Amanda Moon in her Sunfire Pottery store on Front Street in Clarksville. She had some very interesting and original creations.

At The Bent Tree Gallery, we talked for a short while with Stacy Leigh as she worked with leather.

Amanda Moon’s Sunfire Pottery:


Nicolas Philips at Clarksville Glassworks:


The vase


Stacy Leigh


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Note: This “lost” Haw Creek Out ‘n About post was recovered from the Internet Archive WayBack Machine.


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