Tornados, another power outage and casualties

Storm Damage

Just a few minutes after the last post, we lost power — 7 days to the day after the last time. The good news, for us, is that we only lost it for 3 hours, much better that the 33 hours last week.

The emergency sirens went off twice, for good reason. Atkins, a town 15 miles from us, and the area around it, was apparently hit quite badly. There’s a lot of property damage with injuries and it looks like at least three fatalities, a father, a mother and a child, apparently the same family, when their home was hit by the tornado.

It sounds like the tornado was on the ground for at least 70 miles. The town of Gasville was apparently flattened as was a boat factory in Clinton. The Little Rock TV stations have been doing weather without a commercial break since the middle of the afternoon, trying to let people know what is coming there way so that they can take shelter.

Just heard that the National Guard is being activated tomorrow to help with the disaster in this county. This is the third time in a month that we’ve borne the brunt of severe weather, and this one sound like it is far worse than the earlier episodes.

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  • Catherine L Feb 5, 2008

    That is terrible Mike. Those poor people. I hope you all stay safe.

  • Calamity Feb 6, 2008

    wow. I hope you all stay safe! My heart goes out to the people who lost their homes, and/ or families. Tornadoes are just awful!!

  • Rose Feb 6, 2008

    How devastating. Was anyone seriously hurt?

  • teeni Feb 6, 2008

    Wow! That is awful about the fatalities! How horrible. Please do whatever you have to to all stay safe.

  • Mike Goad Feb 9, 2008

    No one was hurt in our family. There were a lot of injuries and 4 deaths over in Atkins, about 15 miles from here.

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