Tornado Warnings!

Last evening was one of those interesting severe weather evenings.

We knew that storms were approaching and I had just seen that there was a tornado warning for our area, but it looked like the storm cell was going to pass south and east of us.

Then our phones started ringing – all three of them.

We’re subscribed to a severe weather warning service from one of the Arkansas television stations.  It calls us when there is a tornado warning for our area.  It is a lot more specific than the National Weather Service warnings.

It was time to head for the storm shelter.

We only stayed down there for about ten minutes.  We waited until we could tell that the intensity of the thunder and lightning was dropping.

Some areas got hit pretty hard, from what we’ve gathered so far.  One of the tornadoes had gone very near the Little Rock airport and they had to shutdown operations for a while.  Fortunately, our daughter, who had been in Dallas for a week on business, had been on a plane that landed before the severe weather got to the Little Rock area.

Our forecast for today includes the possibility of severe weather, but it’s much less likely than yesterday.

Here’s a short video from my new phone of some of this morning’s rain.

I’ll try to look for opportunities for short videos of places while we are traveling, but they won’t take the place of or impact my photography.

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