Took our granddaughter to a shoot!

Today we drove our daughter and 4 year old granddaughter, Ciera, to Sussex, Wisconsin where Ciera was to have a photo shoot at Quad Garphics. While they were doing that, we took our grandson, Utah, to a park where he could play.

CieraApparently, Ciera’s picture is going to be on the box for a new education card game/toy playing with it. It is coming out in early 2008. During the shoot, she responded very well to the requests of the photographer and whoever else was there. They asked Jessica how long she had been doing this. When Jessica answered that this was was her second shoot, they seemed very surprised. Her first shoot was last week for Lands End and while we were on our way back from Milwaukee — we went to a public museum there after the shoot — Jes got a phone call from the agency that is handling Ciera arranging another shoot tomorrow morning with Lands End.

She’s adorable, but she’s also a rough and tumble 4 and a half year old tom boy.

A lost Exit78 post, recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; March 2011

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