Tight sqeeze and short on time


I’m not a small guy — and I guess I’m not as small as I used to be. Our oldest daughter took this picture of me going down into the after torpedo room on the USS Razorback, a submarine permanantly moored in the Arkansas River at North Little Rock. The Razorback is a WWII era diesel submarine, commissioned toward the end of the war. After its service in the U.S. Navy it was sold to Turkey for another couple of decades of service. After it was decommisioned by Turkey, it was sold to North Little Rock and is now part of a growing maritime museum. It’s named after a type of fish, not the mascot of the University of Arkansas. This was my second trip through this sub. The first was last year and was the first time I had been on a submarine since I stepped off my boat, the USS Casimir Pulaski, thirty years earlier.

This was a pretty full weekend and, with going back to work all of a sudden, I’m finding it a little difficult to squeeze things into the reduced amount of time that I now have. I’m only working 40 hours a week, with no overtime, but, with travel, that’s about 45 hours a week that I had for other stuff before last week. I’m getting up early to go to the fitness center, but the workouts are a little shorter.

However, it is just for a short term contract — 26 weeks — so it won’t be long till I’m free again, plus, we should have some of our recurring bills eliminated, so financially this should be a plus.

It’s bedtime, I’m tired, and I’m starting to babble on, so it’s time to close — I will endeaver to keep up with this blog. We’ll see.

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  • teeni Feb 4, 2008

    Blog when you can – we'll take you when we can get you so don't stress over it. That does look like close quarters but it makes a great photo! I take it you are not claustrophobic. 😉

  • Catherine L Feb 5, 2008

    Mike – that does look like a tight squeeze. I would be far too claustrophobic to go down there.

  • Melanie Goad Feb 7, 2008

    It wasn't nearly as bad going down as it looked. When Dad first went down, I started to get a little nervous–what on earth had I been thinking, suggesting this as a fun outing?! But it really wasn't so bad once I actually got myself on the ladder!

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