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the job site

at the job site

Fred was a pretty glum fellow the day that I first met him way back in the mid 70s — before cell phones and most of the other modern communication devices that we take for granted today.

Fred was — and still is — a real go getter.

On his first full day at a new shop, Fred went to the job site to check on the job he had been assigned — before breakfast and before he went to the shop.

After checking the job, he headed to the shop, but found his way blocked. There was no way that he could get through and no practical way that he could let his new boss know what had happened.

That’s when I met Fred.

He told me about his dilema and I did the only thing that I could think of  — I took him to breakfast.


Stop back by for the rest of the story, including how it ties in to where I’m working from today and the picture in the post: What the Heck is it?

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